AI4Govt is an open workflow platform for local government.

Harness the power of automation to achieve public service objectives. AI4Govt is a secure and intuitive system for integrating all of the many tasks that local government workers do every day.

This requires intuitively-built systems integration solutions that require little to no software code change

Our mission

AI4Govt is on a mission to connect local governments more closely with the communities they serve by improving transparency, security, and ease of service delivery.


AI4Govt runs on the power of human ingenuity. Meet some of the ingenious humans that make up our core team.

Ni Xu Chief Executive Officer


Security, Privacy, and Disclosure

Payment Card Data Security

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards exist as a global information security standard sufficient to prevent credit card fraud.

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System & Organization Control

AI4Govt System & Organizational Control (SOC) Reports are examinations performed by independent third parties. Contact us for our SOC 2 reports.

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General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) establishes rules and standards relation to the protection of personal data for natural persons.

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Local Compliance

AI4Govt is designed to function in the most demanding regulatory environments through detailed customization.

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Discover the benefits of workflow automation built exclusively for local governments.

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